Horsemeat found in Hamburger

Traces of both horse and pig DNA where found in hamburger being sold in Ireland and Britain. Of the 27 products analyzed, 10 were found to contained horsemeet and 23 contained pigmeat. All the products where traced back to 3 plants, 2 in Ireland and 1 in Britain. Tesco, one of the suppliers in question was found to contain 29% horsemeat. Tesco is Britain’s largest retailer and has removed its entire hamburger line from the shelves. Chief executive of the Irish food authority, made a public statement that there was a “plausible explanation” for the traces of pigmeat since the two animals are often processed in the same plant. It is still unclear where the horsemeat came from.

We’ve all heard of tainted burgers before but as far as a mix of exotic meat arriving in our hamburger, it’s less than common in the 21st century. Food products are recalled all the time but generally it is for a contamination of bacteria, not other meat. The idea of finding pigmeat in a hamburger isn’t that scary. The two animals are processed in the same plant and so a small mix could very easily happen. On the other hand horsemeat generally isn’t processed. I’d like to know exactly how that ended up there at all. Another thing to consider is the religious views of consumers. Some religious groups would find it unacceptable at the thought of pig in their meat.


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